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TOPIC atoz
changolion 14
coffe and sodas 14
sodas 9
podcast 7
ad 3
advertisement 3
animation 3
candy 3
drive-in 3
intermission 3
movie 3
popcorn 3
bevnerd 2
coffee 2
color 2
corn 2
facebook 2
film 2
food&leisure 2
soda 2
12 monkeys tv show 1
2 + 2 = ASS! 1
33 inches long 1
7 up 1
7up 1
90's hood movies 1
@mikemcgintyface on twitter 1
A small segment of men 1
Accept it or don't 1
All situations should be judged on a case by case basis 1
America's rapist 1
Anthony Cumia 1
Any freaky sexual stories? 1
Arianna Grande and her nice eyes 1
Assholes is what we call those men 1
BJs 1
Bad Bill Cosby impression 1
Be honest that you are only supporting him because he's black 1
Best Doaa 1
Bill Cosby innocent 1
Blowing kisses at the camera 1
Boston accent that I don't have all the time 1
Can the male fuck the hole that the head goes in? 1
Checking facebook for to see what this notification is about 1
Checking on my phone 1
Checking out my 19th show 1
Chewing that shit 1
Chocolate Ice Creams 1
Chocolate Pudding Icecream 1
Cody 1
Coleman 1
Cruea 1
David 1
Did we mention that he is puerto rican? 1
Dismissing poor behavior in the black community is far more racist than someone speaking truth about real problems 1
Does Tortoise sex go on forever 1
Don't be a menace to south central while drinking your juice in the hood 1
Don't force it on me 1
Don't pick your nose or ears with it 1
During world war 2 Hitler killed millions of JIGGLY ASSES! 1
Evil Mickey Mouse too 1
Fat Nick story in New York years ago 1
Feeling the fucking love today 1
Ferris wheel sex story 1
Floats 1
Funny lines in the story 1
Furry Turtles hit me up on twitter 1
Give away parts of my body at my funeral 1
Give people back more of the money they earn and they will be far more inclined to donate to charity 1
Go watch that 1
Going to get the love glasses 1
Gourmet 1
Government fucks shit up 1
Gradual progression toward madness 1
Guilty white people make that problem worse 1
Hate crimes against white people 1
Hate crimes against white people happen FAR more often than the other way around 1
Have a little fucking energy 1
He also liked slots 1
He invited Hulk Hogan to an event? 1
He thinks they should basically get over it 1
He was wearing a Yankees hat? 1
Hi Andy 1
High pitched voice 1
How did he die at 31? 1
Hula Garbage 1
I am Irish and Scottish 1
I am a very sexual mother fucker 1
I am all for low taxes 1
I am feeling the show more today 1
I am here for you daily news 1
I am not afraid to admit that I like Taylor Swift 1
I am very dumb 1
I am wearing a hoody 1
I authorize selling my penis on ebay 1
I can check out an ass and go back to what I am doing 1
I can control myself though 1
I can understand if it's to avoid gang violence 1
I can't find it on my computer 1
I caught myself before reading them 1
I don't consider this shit ranting and raving 1
I don't know him that well 1
I don't know if I will be able to do a show next week 1
I don't want this to be too serious 1
I embellish the story a bit 1
I enjoy love cats 1
I feel better while I do the show 1
I get excited when I realize what story it is 1
I guess R. Kelly has never been victimized 1
I guess drugs 1
I have a brain 1
I have more serious stories 1
I have two sodas 1
I hope you all find love where ever it may hide 1
I may be able to catch up on slide show videos next week 1
I may meow later 1
I may not do that right away 1
I may pet them on 1
I need to get a new camera app 1
I needed this 1
I prefer that guys don't use it to fuck themselves in the ass 1
I recommend constant masturbation if you can't handle looking at women without being a douche 1
I say poker TAPLE AGAIN! 1
I should eat more on the show 1
I stupidly play the set up and me reading the headline instead of the story 1
I support ya 1
I think I will talk about poker after death after periscope 1
I think Shakespeare meant JIGGLY ASS! 1
I told her it is an new era of positivity in the life of Mike McGinty and feel the fucking love 1
I want to do a meowing duet with the cat 1
I wasn't feeling too great about that show 1
I wasn't recording a video 1
I will be your clown or we can have a discussion 1
I will have to get that 1
I will ignore any negative interruptions 1
I will listen to Taylor Swift before Kayne 1
I will miss the love song theme 1
I will not allow it 1
I will only accept positive interruptions 1
I'm a piece of shit 1
I'm an asshole 1
I'm back!! 1
I'm being booed 1
I'm glad he's dead 1
I'm going to do it more 1
I'm out of here 1
I'm scrolling through facebook 1
I'm so annoying 1
I'm yelling 1
I've been depressed 1
Ice Cream Cones 1
Ice Cream Shakes 1
Ice Cream Sodas. 1
If religion gives one personal comfort FINE 1
If you get my penis treat it right 1
If you have a problem with me being behind shut the fuck up 1
Imagine is white people tried to do a reverse movie like white chicks 1
Insult me on periscope 1
Is that a viral sensation? 1
It amazes me that so many people are blind to this 1
It is difficult to guess age at times 1
It is ridiculous that this goes on in 2016 1
It is said that it distracted the boys 1
It is very subjective based on the individual 1
It should be 1
It wasn't a revealing outfit at all 1
It's a puerto rican custom to play cards with corpses 1
It's very cold today 1
Jizz flinging cop story 1
Kaju Draksh Icecream 1
Kayne West and Johnny support Bill Cosby 1
Kayne West is just a douche 1
Kayne West is still being a douche fuck 1
Kayne also went on a rant against Puma shoes 1
Kayne has talent but he is a douche 1
Kayne is desperate for press 1
Kayne is trying to promote his album 1
Kayne's song dissing Taylor Swift 1
Keeping the new era of positivty going 1
Kulfi 1
Leave them alone 1
Leonard Cohen I'm your man for an outro 1
Let's say fudge instead 1
Let's see 1
Librarian glasses look 1
Look it up your fucking self 1
Looking for a song 1
Looking for my 25th show 1
Looking through my most successful 26th show 1
Looking through old shows to play during break 1
Love glasses hurt my nose 1
Make the body do drugs one last time? 1
Masochists funeral where the body is abused? 1
Matt 1
McGinty podcast 1
up-solid down-solid